Self-Care in the Darker Months

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As Halloween approaches, we begin to settle into the darker months of autumn. Now is the perfect time for Fall-Self Care. 

This time of year, according to many cultures and lore that the veil between the earthly plane and the spiritual world is thin, meaning the two realms collide, and it is easier for spirits to cross over and walk among the living, and vice versa. 

The Mexican celebration of Día de los Muertos (Nov. 1 and 2) is a prime example, designed to honour and recognize the souls of those who have passed on, who are believed to visit their earthly families on these dates. The Gaelic festival called Samhain, or “festival of the dead,” also coincides with this time, marking the end of the harvest season and ushering in the darker half of the year. Celebrated from Oct. 31 to Nov. 1, halfway between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice, the pagan religious festival originated from ancient Celtic spiritual practice (, 2019). 

It is also this time of year where fall harvest comes to an end and the soil gets ready for its winter slumber so it can bring forth new life once again in the spring. October 31, the present date for Halloween, marks the approximate midway point between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. During this time, we may feel intense emotions and heightened intuition, connections to our ancestry and the realms beyond.

For many people this is a difficult time of the year– especially when the clocks change from daylight saving time to winter hours, and the nights feel longer.  

As many as 35 % of Canadians complain of having the “winter blues ” according to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. Another 10 to 15 % have a mild form of seasonal depression, and 2-5 % of Canadians will have a severe, clinical form of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). (, 2021).

Earlier this fall, I created a Free Fall Self-Care Planner, downloadable in my Offerings. I invite you to join me as we begin the month of November with a 30 day Self-Care Challenge.  We will be using many of the templates from the Self-Care Planner and daily rituals we can perform to gain insight from within. You can follow me on Instagram for daily inspiration as well as my Facebook page. Remember: Every little thing you do for yourself matters.

Join me and take the challenge!




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