New Year, New Beginnings in 2023

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Just like that “ POOF”,  New Year’s Day is behind us! Welcome 2023!  A New Year with New beginnings! Now is the moment we take the time to reflect on the past year and begin to take a look at the changes we would like to make for the year to come.

Re-invention and change. How amazing is that?

You have the opportunity to change yourself and how you see the world. Your past is behind you and what’s in front of you is the open road ahead. The beginning of the year marks the possibility and magic of what the upcoming year holds for YOU!

So what are 3 things we can do to change our lives in 2023?

Write down 23 things you would like to accomplish, change or do in 2023…

As I mentioned in one of my Instagram posts, my friend Susan at Seachange Creative told me about a creative way of writing down 23 THINGS you would like to accomplish for the upcoming year. Studies in neuroscience tell us that goal-setting rewires our brains. When we set a goal, we are biologically programming our brains to change or create new behaviours and reach them, because the way our neurons organize is impacted. 

Read Mel Robbins’ book: The High Five Habit

In the last few weeks I’ve been reading the The High Five Habit by Mel Robbins, which is a perfect read if you want to create new habits and believe in yourself again. I am loving this book so far! Not a much of a reader? Get the Audible version. Why not make time meaningful when driving to work, walking the dog or cleaning your house.  

Listen to Baba Jolie’s yearly Tarot readings for 2023.

Lastly, why not start with a yearly Tarot reading for 2023? While Tarot cards do not predict the future per se, reading them might help you figure yours out. In fact, there has been research studied at The University of Victoria, in British Columbia called Tarot Cards: An Investigation of Their as a Tool for Self-Investigation The results of the study indicated the use of Tarot as a way to gain insight into their subjects’ current situations with possible action plans. Tarot was also used as positive reinforcement for what the subjects were seeking in life. The study found Tarot was a means of acquiring new perspectives and of identifying wishes or goals. One of my favourite Tarot Readers on YouTube is Baba Jolie. Her readings are always positive and uplifting. Check out her yearly readings here.

So here’s to a New Year and new beginnings in 2023. Take the time to listen to your heart, be present and allow yourself this moment to see all the possibilities you can tap into. Set your intentions, think bigger, feel inspired and open yourself up to the transformation of a fresh start that lies in the year ahead.


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